No vacancies. Maintenance coverage.
Expert management.


Why being a Lodg Lord is better than being a landlord

Unlike traditional property management companies that compete by slashing fees, with no guarantees, Lodg is focused on taking the risk out of being a property investor, making property rental simpler, faster and more flexible for both the tenant and the property owner.

  • Lodg will guarantee rental payments - even if your property is vacant.
  • Cover the first $4000 of maintenance costs*
  • Offer free landlords insurance.
  • Include advertising and letting costs.

    How it all works


    A future-focused business founded by industry experts

    Lodg was co-founded with Caine Real Estate, who have been operating in Melbourne for over 20 years and know firsthand the pros and cons of traditional property management, both from the landlord and tenant’s perspectives.

    In conjunction with real estate experts, our business model was designed in collaboration with industry leaders, technologists, futurists and award-winning strategists to deliver next generation rental solutions.


    Meet the people behind Lodg


    Purpose beyond profit

    Beyond improving the rental experience, Lodg is committed to making a positive impact on the
    environment and giving back to the community. This is possible through our partners


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