Rent the way
you live

The freedom to live wherever you want,
whenever you want, for one flat monthly fee.


Welcome to Lodg
flexible living

Lodg allows renters the freedom to follow their life anywhere it takes them, by unshackling them from traditional lease agreements and providing housingon-demand. With Lodg there’s no fixed-term lease length. Your Lodg rental is as short-term or as long-term as you like. Stay a few months or a few years - it’s your call.

Live in the ‘hood that suits you, when it suits you, and enjoy your lifestyle without being locked-in.


Subscription living, with all the perks

Your one flat monthly fee covers not only your rent, but a whole range of perks:

No Bond

Bond insurance means you don’t need to
fork out thousands of dollars in bond.

Complimentary cleaning

Complimentary 3 monthly and vacate clean.

Utilities included

Including water, gas, electricity and wifi.

Putting a price on freedom

Lodg saves you precious time and energy by seamlessly packaging up the rent experience for you. Let us deal with all the bills, admin and hassles so you don’t have to.

What your flat monthly fee frees you from:

  • Paying a month’s upfront bond
  • Lease break penalties
  • Time off work organising utilities and internet connection
  • Waiting for maintenance approval
  • Calculating split bills
  • The stress of passing a final rental inspection

    How it all works


    Purpose beyond profit

    Beyond improving the rental experience, Lodg is committed to making a positive impact on the
    environment and giving back to the community. This is possible through our partners


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